Dog Behaviour Coaching


Providing relief for both ends of the lead

My name is Ann-Marie, I am a Canine Behaviour Consultant, Family Dog Mediator and Counsellor based in Waterford, Ireland. My service is providing one to one Canine Coaching and Behaviour Support, where I specialise in complicated and sensitive behaviours, focusing on providing relief for both ends of the lead and building bonds through better understanding and communication.

I hold several qualifications in Canine Coaching, Behaviour, Psychology and Ethology. I have a passion for the relationship between dogs and people. I will support you by providing the most up to date science, knowledge and experience, using only kind methods of understanding on how dogs think, feel and learn.

It is not my job to ” fix ” your dog, your dog is not broken and quick fixes do not address root causes of behaviour. Dog training should not just be about methods and tools, but should always be about supporting the needs and welfare of both guardian and dog. So I work very hard to provide relief for both you and your friend, I work to get to the root cause of the conflicts that have arisen, through discovering what is motivating behaviours that so often us humans like to label as “aggression,  reactivity” and other “problem behaviours.”

Building bonds through better understanding and communication

It is my job to find a solution that makes you both happy, able to rebuild bonds, have better communication and enjoy your life together. You both deserve to be happy and you both deserve to have your individual needs and expectations of the relationship met. You both deserve compassion and understanding and I will provide that support and the skills to cope.

Behaviour is an expression of need

Your vet is the most important professional in your animals life. A study in 2020 by professor Daniel Mills and his team at Lincoln University, found that 84% of their behaviour cases were in relation to pain and illness. If you are experiencing sudden onset changes in your dog’s behaviour, please consult your vet to rule out pain or illness.

Ann-Marie Troy
Dip.AdvCanBhv.Fdm, Dip.PBC, APBC.

Phone: 0896043088 



Insured and Accredited 

Registered Member, Association Pet Bereavement Counsellors

Member, Irish Veterinary Behaviour Association

Professional Member, National Institute Canine Ethics & UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter.


Family Dog Mediation

Behaviour problems in our family dogs rise every year despite the fact that dog training resources have never been more accessible, that’s because it’s not a training problem.

Pet Bereavement

Our animals become a bigger part of our lives than we realise. So when we loose them, the loss can be overwhelming and leaves us with a lot of emotions to process.