” I found Ann Marie to be a pleasure to work with. She put myself at ease the minute i met her. I had just got two little brothers of Jack Russell breed that were very lively and hard to train, Ann Marie gave me all the tools i needed to get to grips with managing their behavior. She has lots of patience and built a great rapour with both my boys and myself. She instilled the confidence in me to continue our training plan to get the boys socially adapted. Without the help of Ann Marie I would’nt have the two lovely well behaved dogs I have today”  Carol Hogan. 

” Ann Marie not only focused and got to the bottom of our dogs issues, she also unearthed our feelings towards the dogs and helped us understand them more. We were introduced to some new ideas but were completely open minded and trusting. If you are not willing to put the time into working with your dog outside of the sessions with Ann Marie then it wont work. Deep rooted issues do not get solved in one meeting so give it time. We are more in love with our dogs than ever. His anxiety has reduced dramatically as has ours. She not only took the time to teach us managing techniques but also educated us on why these issues may exist within the dog. By changing how we communicate with our dogs and giving more patience whilst learning we were able to strengthen our bond. Ann Marie has been a source of encouragement and a fountain of knowledge and we could’nt recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Thank you.” Dawn and Emma Power.  

My whole world and heart fell apart on the night of 25th January 2022. My precious dog Rocco was taken from me. A car knocked him down outside my house and changed my life forever. You see some people don’t realise the hurt and grief I am going through, until I got in contact with Ann Marie who is a Pet Bereavement Counsellor which I never knew existed like many more people. But only for Ann Marie I don’t know where id be today. I was in a very dark place and still am most days, but only for Ann Marie’s help I would’nt have been able to cope. She helped me through so many overwhelming and distraught emotions. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Ann Marie is so caring and passionate about animals that all the support and help I am getting is from the heart. My beautiful Rocco was and always will be my child, my best friend, my companion, my shadow, my everything. To loose all that in the blink of an eye is beyond words. Some people say oh you can get another dog, but they are the people that don’t really understand what you are going through and how your really feeling. Ann Marie does, its not just a job to her. I highly recommend Ann Marie and to let people know there’s help out there. Pet bereavement is real and hurts and hurts so much, but with help from Ann Marie she helps you cope a little better with the pain. Thank you so much Ann Marie from the bottom of my broken heart. I think Rocco had something to do with us meeting.”  Helen Kelly.

” On the 23rd May 2022 we lost our beloved Bassett hound Fred. He was my best friend and loyal companion. We decided to have Fred cremated at Resting Pets, Eammon could see how upset and heartbroken we were, he suggested it might help to speak to Ann Marie. We got in touch that day and she came to our house the next day. She is such a gentle, genuine, caring and kind good natured lady who put us at ease straight away. She listened attentively to my sadness and my worries about living without Fred. She offered her wisdom and understood that loosing a dog is a genuine bereavement. She said things that helped me and after she was gone I often remember and think about her words and feel more at peace because of her.” Rose Keane. 

You can tell by the way Ann Marie treats your dog just how much she loves and cares for animals. The knowledge Ann Marie has in her field is second to none. She is a mind of information and has a great way of putting you at ease when you are stressed over your pet. Our dog Coco has a narrowed trachea and fibrosis of the lungs. Ann Marie spent time figuring out what alternative therapies would compliment our veterinary care, the result is a much happier dog who can breathe easier. I would highly recommend Ann Marie to anyone who needs help in her field.” Elaine Flanagan Collins. 

” Ann-Marie is not only committed to dog welfare and holistic dog education, for both the human and the dog as part of the services she offers, she also lives by these same principals with her own doggy family. I have witnessed her putting her own life on hold to ensure that a dog got the help it needed.” Niall Roche.

” I have run my own Dog Grooming Parlour since 2007 and have built a close relationship with my clients over the years. From a first hand experience I see daily how important animals have become in peoples lives. Although we enjoy every stage of life with our beloved animals, the hardest part is when their lives end and ours continue without them, the emotional struggle is so real. Very few people are lucky to have their animals pass away naturally and sometimes owners are faced with making a huge decision to end their pain and suffering, I don’t think anyone wants to be the person to make the final decision and it can be so hard. We as owners experience many different stages of grief having to be the one in charge of this last call and for most people can be heartbreaking. For this reason alone Pet Bereavement Counselling is invaluable to people, helping them process their own emotions. From my own personal experiences of having to put my first dog Phoebe to sleep, I know I would have sought the advice of a counsellor to help me through it, had it been readily available. More recently I lost another family dog Heidi, and it was a very different experience for me, I felt heart wrenching emptiness and loneliness after she was gone, all which can be made so much easier with the correct support. From loosing my much loved friends and listening to my clients over the years, the idea of opening my own crematorium was born and I wanted to provide a very different service for people, to help them through the grieving process. When I heard about Ann Marie and the service she provides, I was excited to form a working relationship with her and offer her service to my own clients. I think we are all aware of mental health and telling people its “ok to not be ok” is so important, we don’t need to hide that we are struggling. There is help and no one is alone when guided in the right direction. Together as animal lovers we can support each other and make the final journey as easy as possible for both owner and pet. I am certainly happy to have Ann Marie on my team supporting my customers. ” Aimee Keller, owner of Peaceful Paws Pet Crematorium, Ennis, Co. Clare. 

 “I lost my my dog Roxy on 21st September 2022, she was a beautiful West Highland Terrier, we were best friends, everywhere I went she was by my side. On Saturday 18th I was out walking my dogs and noticed Roxy was very slow to move which was highly unusual as she ran after me everywhere. I took Roxy to the vet and to my complete shock and horror I was told she had heart failure. Roxy got progressively worse and I had no choice but to go back to the vet and this is where my beautiful dog left my side for the first and final time. I was in total shock, my heart was broken in two, my stomach in knots and I could not eat for six days due to severe heartache and pain. I needed help urgently and I found Ann Marie who was absolutely amazing. She listened to me sob my heart out and speak about my dog and how our life was together. Ann Marie was there for me, she listened to everything I told her and helped me through the first stages of loosing my dog. I arranged another call, I was still in a bad way and she carried me through another week and her tender kind words were reassuring and very thoughtful. Ann Marie told me I will always miss Roxy but that the intense pain will ease and sure enough she was right. If Ann Marie was not there for me at my time of need, I don’t know what I would have done. People don’t realise that there is pet bereavement out there, I can’t thank Ann Marie enough for the help she gave me and I am forever grateful. I have told many friends about pet bereavement support and how it can help people that loose a pet, not just a dog but all animals. Thank you Ann Marie.”  Rachael Gill.    

“Healing from the loss of our beloved pet is not an easy journey, however we are not alone. From the first moment I heard Ann Marie’s gentle voice on the other end of the phone, I found peace and relief. My 16 year old Maltese, Momo crossed the rainbow bridge in 2023. Having been with him since birth, the joy and companionship he brought me was incredible. Likewise, the impact of losing him also overwhelmed me. Momo battled arthritis, dementia and heart failure. Caring for him made me realise the challenges faced by owners of senior dogs. During my conversations with Ann Marie, she emphasized the precious relationship we had with our beloved fur babies. Her guidance helped us process and accept our emotions, eventually allowing us to ‘ let go off the pain.’ Her dedication to dog care and training extends to pet bereavement, reflecting her compassion and understanding. Thanks to her kindness, I found the strength to bid farewell and emerge stronger. Thank you very much.”    Hanching Chuang, Founder of Senior Paws.  

” Thank you for the best support and advice I have ever received in my entire life ! In the past I have worked with different counsellors, you are the only one who has helped me, Thank you so much Ann Marie. Mary, on the loss of my beloved cat.”